Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Anatomy Museum Panoptikum - Grand Musée Anatomique

Fun Fair Museum Show Panoptikum - Grand Musée Anatomique

Here are a couple of photographs from the old display box for the traveling anatomy museum Panoptikum - Grand Musée Anatomique. The display box is from the time the museum was owned by Dutch showman John Duijns and was last used in the 1990s

Newspaper Clippings about the museum

Below is a close-up of a clipping from the display case showing previous owner John Duijns holding a mummified monkey, This is from the 24 May 1991 Limburg Dagblad (Netherlands).

Dutch Showman John Duijns 

For more information about the anatomy museum Panoptikum - Grand Musée Anatomique and other European shows go to these links:

Friday, June 12, 2015

Faller Model of Revue der Illusionen Sideshow

Revue der Illusionen is likely the only sideshow in the world to be commemorated in an HO plastic model by a commercial company.

 The renowned German model company Faller has been producing models of fun-fair rides and and one time sold a reproduction of the Revue der Illusionen show theater.

The model is no longer being produced and are now sought after collectors items.

We have a few that are being offered as incentives for the crowd-fund we have set up for the show. The crowd-fund is for repairs and maintenance of the show as well as going towards a new truck which is needed because of the new strict European environmental laws. When you donate to the crowd-fund project you not help keep this classic style of entertainment alive you can also get a nifty incentive gift for your trouble. The Faller model is just one of the gifts.

Take a look at the crowd-fund site here:

And take a look at a Faller miniature fun-fair in the video below:

and read some more info about the model at this site:

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Revue der Illusionen Returns to Oktoberfest in 2015

Now under new ownership the show theater Revue der Illusionen will return to Oktoberfest in Munich for 2015

Pleased to announce that our sideshow attraction Revue der Illusionen has received license again for the "Oktoberfest" 2015 in Munich,Germany. So the "Revue der Illusionen" is not only one of the oldest live-show attractions at the "Oktoberfest" but also has one of the longest consecutive licenses for a sideshow at this "world's largest" funfair.
>> "Revue der lllusionen" : 19th September - 4th October 2015 | Oktoberfest Munich (Germany).

The above video shows Revue der Illusionen at Ocktoberfest in 2014

This is the last touring show theater in Germany. Please help us keep this traditional style of entertainment alive for future generations and learn more about the show's history by visiting our crowd-funding site here:

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Revue der Illusionen is Back

The show-theater Revue der Illusionen is back on the road under new ownership.

 Its first appearance since being acquired by Paradox Sideshows was the Kustom Kulture Forever festival in Herten, Germany.

The show being set up

Kustom Kulture Forever is an rock-a-billy/classic car/low-brow themed event that demanded an edgier show than would be presented at at kermis/funfair. Although there was a family program in the daytime the festival went long into the night and after the sun went down burlesque dancer Marlene Dúebois  was added to the line-up.

People line up for the night show

The show featured classic fairground illusions the headless lady, the bottomless lady, the floating princess as well as real and shocking fakir show from classic sideshow performer Zamora The Torture King .

The show in action.

Although the show is on the road it needs upkeep and repair as well as a new truck that can pass the current European environmental standards. There is a crowd-funding web-site set up to help keep the show alive and on the road for future generations to enjoy. Take a look at