Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Revue der Illusionen is Back

The show-theater Revue der Illusionen is back on the road under new ownership.

 Its first appearance since being acquired by Paradox Sideshows was the Kustom Kulture Forever festival in Herten, Germany.

The show being set up

Kustom Kulture Forever is an rock-a-billy/classic car/low-brow themed event that demanded an edgier show than would be presented at at kermis/funfair. Although there was a family program in the daytime the festival went long into the night and after the sun went down burlesque dancer Marlene Dúebois  was added to the line-up.

People line up for the night show

The show featured classic fairground illusions the headless lady, the bottomless lady, the floating princess as well as real and shocking fakir show from classic sideshow performer Zamora The Torture King .

The show in action.

Although the show is on the road it needs upkeep and repair as well as a new truck that can pass the current European environmental standards. There is a crowd-funding web-site set up to help keep the show alive and on the road for future generations to enjoy. Take a look at

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