Thursday, June 11, 2015

Revue der Illusionen Returns to Oktoberfest in 2015

Now under new ownership the show theater Revue der Illusionen will return to Oktoberfest in Munich for 2015

Pleased to announce that our sideshow attraction Revue der Illusionen has received license again for the "Oktoberfest" 2015 in Munich,Germany. So the "Revue der Illusionen" is not only one of the oldest live-show attractions at the "Oktoberfest" but also has one of the longest consecutive licenses for a sideshow at this "world's largest" funfair.
>> "Revue der lllusionen" : 19th September - 4th October 2015 | Oktoberfest Munich (Germany).

The above video shows Revue der Illusionen at Ocktoberfest in 2014

This is the last touring show theater in Germany. Please help us keep this traditional style of entertainment alive for future generations and learn more about the show's history by visiting our crowd-funding site here:

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