Friday, June 12, 2015

Faller Model of Revue der Illusionen Sideshow

Revue der Illusionen is likely the only sideshow in the world to be commemorated in an HO plastic model by a commercial company.

 The renowned German model company Faller has been producing models of fun-fair rides and and one time sold a reproduction of the Revue der Illusionen show theater.

The model is no longer being produced and are now sought after collectors items.

We have a few that are being offered as incentives for the crowd-fund we have set up for the show. The crowd-fund is for repairs and maintenance of the show as well as going towards a new truck which is needed because of the new strict European environmental laws. When you donate to the crowd-fund project you not help keep this classic style of entertainment alive you can also get a nifty incentive gift for your trouble. The Faller model is just one of the gifts.

Take a look at the crowd-fund site here:

And take a look at a Faller miniature fun-fair in the video below:

and read some more info about the model at this site:

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